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What is Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)?

ABA is a researched based therapy that applies the principles of learning to change socially significant behaviors. It uses a system of rewards and consequences to increase and/or decrease behaviors, including but not limited to language development, play skills, social interactions, learning readiness skills, and behavioral outbursts.

Child Hands with Blocks

Our staff at Phoenix Behavioral Health Services use the principles of ABA therapy to develop individualized programs that will help children with autism and their families lead successful lives. Participating in an early intensive ABA program will have lasting results that give individuals with autism the best possibility of leading an independent life as an adult.

The earlier an ABA program is started the better the outcome will be. ABA is also meant to be an intensive program providing up to 40 hours of therapy a week.

Contact our Program Coordinator to find out how to get your child started in our therapy program as soon as symptoms are observed. She can help you get scheduled for a diagnostic evaluation or, if a there is already a diagnosis, set up an intake for our in-home program.

For more information on our In-Home ABA Therapy Program, call Katie at 920-973-9245.

We are here to help, contact us for an appointment.